WashEye - A simple total solution

WASHEYE is our new brand with many interesting products and services..

WASHEYE is a new way of thinking. The idea behind it is for our customers to find a common denominator in everything from cleaning to reporting in a manner that is easy to manage.

You minimise the time needed for self-checks and reports by simply getting your data from WASHEYE.SE

WashEye e-reports compile:

  • Self-check
  • Cost per wash
  • Purchasing history
  • Chemical list
  • The safety data sheet, environmental safety sheet and product description of each of the products

Please contact us for more information on our innovative tool for simple total overview

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WashEye product folder

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WashEye system / Bag in box
The WashEye system is a user-friendly, convenient and simply way to manage the chemicals in your car wash facility.